ADOartECO and Bambus EcoArt & Kultur: Weaving Social Fabric with Bamboo

Melding Colombian craftsmanship with Austrian support, ADOartECO and Bambus EcoArt & Kultur create a tapestry of social impact through the versatile Guadua bamboo.

Brand Design, Print Design, Advertising

ADOartECO: Cultivating Community through Bamboo

At the heart of ADOartECO lies the transformative power of the Guadua bamboo, a symbol of resilience in Colombia. This non-profit organization, with its roots in sustainable development, imparts invaluable skills through workshops that culminate in the construction of bamboo structures, including an eco-friendly circus.

The Flow of Guadua and Water

The organization's identity is encapsulated in a logo where the fluidity of water merges with the solidity of Guadua, represented by a harmonious blue and green color palette. This design reflects the organization's commitment to ecological and social fluidity, nurturing growth within vulnerable communities.

Bambus EcoArt & Kultur: Bridging Continents for a Cause

Bambus EcoArt & Kultur, the Austrian ally, channels resources through art-driven events in Vienna, showcasing bamboo artworks and the impactful stories from Colombia. The logo intertwines the lush green of bamboo with the national colors of Austria and Colombia, symbolizing the partnership's strength.

Visual Storytelling for Impact

My task extended to creating visual narratives for both organizations: a vibrant flyer for the bamboo circus event, a descriptive flyer for ADOartECO, and roll-ups that narrate the story of ecological stewardship at Colombian events. Each piece serves as a visual ambassador, bridging continents and communities.