Aquilifer: Legal Prowess Meets Roman Heritage

Imbue your legal practice with the timeless strength of Rome's Aquilifers. Presenting Aquilifer's brand identity and UI/UX design, where law and tradition converge.

Brand Design, UI/UX Design, Print Design

Embarking on the Aquilifer Brand Odyssey

Aquilifer's branding odyssey began with a clear vision: to intertwine the esteemed principles of Roman Law with the firm's legal expertise. The challenge was to forge a logo that resonated with the power and prestige of the Roman eagle, symbolizing the Aquilifer - the legion's standard-bearer. This emblem serves as a beacon of legal wisdom and a testament to the firm's dedication to upholding justice.

Logo and Business Card: Symbols of Legal Fortitude

The Aquilifer logo encapsulates the firm's ethos, featuring a stylized eagle that commands respect and embodies the firm's authoritative stance in legal matters. Translating this dignified symbol onto business cards, I ensured that each card was not merely a tool for exchange but a representation of Aquilifer's commitment to its clients.

UI/UX Design: Navigating Data Privacy with Precision

In the digital realm, Aquilifer required a user interface that upheld the stringent privacy laws of the European Union and the Austrian Republic. The UI/UX design I crafted prioritizes user accessibility while maintaining rigorous compliance standards. It reflects a balance between the firm's storied past and its forward-thinking approach to legal services.