Arboretum Villa Kraus: A Green Oasis on Vienna's Outskirts

Nestled on the edges of Vienna, Arboretum Villa Kraus is a sanctuary where unique tree species thrive, supported by a community of nature enthusiasts.

Brand Design, Print Design, Web Design

Introducing the Arboretum Villa Kraus Identity

The arboretum is not just a garden; it's a living library of rare pinales and a beacon for conservation efforts. My design challenge was to encapsulate the essence of this tree sanctuary — its commitment to botanical care and community engagement. The resulting logo reflects a finial tree, representing growth and endurance, with hands cradling it, symbolizing the collective effort to nurture and protect.

A Palette Inspired by Nature

The three primary colors of the arboretum's visual identity draw directly from the hues of the pinales themselves, symbolizing the diverse life thriving within. This natural palette extends across all branding materials, from business cards to the vital membership brochure that invites patrons to join the arboretum's cause.

Engaging the Community: Membership Brochure and Iconography

The membership brochure is designed to not just inform but to engage. It features custom icons representing different areas of the arboretum, each telling a story of the space's use — from education and research to relaxation and cultural events. This visual language carries through to the website design, which offers a user-friendly interface for visitors to explore, learn, and become part of the arboretum's future.

Web Presence That Reflects the Arboretum's Essence

The website template I crafted for Arboretum Villa Kraus is an extension of the brand's identity, utilizing the same iconographic language established in the membership brochure. Large, immersive photographs of the arboretum set the stage, allowing the natural beauty of the grounds to dictate the website's atmosphere. The template's design ensures that the essence of the arboretum — its tranquility, its educational purpose, and its role as a custodian of biodiversity — is felt throughout the digital experience.