ARTEsano: Celebrating the Spirit of Independent Artistry

ARTEsano elevates the craft of independent artists through a brand that embodies the richness of healthy art and South American heritage.

Brand Design, Print Design

Unveiling the ARTEsano Brand

ARTEsano is more than a brand; it's a canvas for independent artists lacking visual representation to valorize their creations. The brand's inception was driven by the need to encapsulate the spirit of 'artesano' – the artisan – within a visual context that highlights the nobility of handcrafted art. 'ARTEsano' cleverly plays on the Spanish phrase 'arte sano,' weaving the concept of wholesome, 'healthy' art into its identity.

The Essence of South American Art

The logo's design is a homage to South American artistry, its profound connection to the earth, and its vibrant cultural legacy. The chosen color palette of kaki to brown mirrors the natural tones associated with the earth, grounding the brand in authenticity and warmth.

Professional Templates for Artistic Empowerment

Understanding the artists' need for professional visibility, I crafted templates for business cards, CVs, and project presentations. These DIY templates enable artists to present their work with the professionalism it deserves, opening doors to fair valuation and recognition. The designs are intentionally simple yet versatile, allowing individual artistry to shine through.