CINE Center: A Homage to Cinematic Tradition Through Design

Embark on the CINE Project journey, where traditional cinema aesthetics are reimagined through innovative design to elevate the movie-going experience.

Brand Design, Print Design, Interior Design, Merchandising

Crafting the Cinematic Ticket into Visual Identity:

In crafting the CINE logo, I drew inspiration from the company's cinema ticket, reenvisioning it as a symbol that captures the essence of the cinematic experience.

The design cleverly incorporates a white cinema screen in the darkness and within it, a smiley face emerging from the 'Ci' of 'Cine, resonating with the joy and unity of film enthusiasts.

Interior and Exterior Design Narrative:

The redesign of CINE embraces the compact nature of the cinema complex. I transformed the space into a warm, inviting environment akin to a welcoming home.

By limiting the palette to white tones and wooden textures, I ensured that the vibrant colors of movie posters remained the focus. This backdrop ensures that each film's visual story remains the focal point for the audience.

Color and Light as Design Elements:

A carefully chosen color palette of black, white, and vibrant orange complements the wooden elements and the interplay of light and shadow within the cinema.

The design of the guidance system within the building implements a typographic collage that weaves together emotive words in a softer orange, with bolder hues directing patrons to various points of interest within the cinema, from the ticket counter to the screening rooms and toilets.

Print Material and Merchandising:

The brand's story extends to a comprehensive suite of print materials, including business card, letter paper, fax template, stamp, envelope, and a weekly program template that showcases the scheduled movies, all echoing the CINE identity and reusing the building's guidance system style to navigate through the information.

The staff's uniform is a t-shirt thoughtfully designed to be both functional and casual, to keep the "home" ambience representative of the brand.

Sustainable Facade Display:

The facade of CINE introduces a unique, eco-friendly display system. Utilizing magnetic technology, this method offers a sustainable alternative to digital screens, enabling easy updates to the cinema's program while reducing environmental impact.