Cooprofesores: Crafting Financial Futures with a Creative Twist

I wanted to create a concept that transforms Cooprofesores traditional banking, with a vibrant, school-inspired ad campaign, inviting educators to "win by saving".

Print Design, Advertising

Reimagining Banking for Educators

Cooprofesores, a cooperative bank rooted in Colombia's educational sector, sought to enhance its connection with teachers by offering more than just good banking deals—it wanted to spark joy in financial planning. My creative inspiration was to design an advertisement campaign that resonated with the nostalgic and heartfelt essence of school life.

Homage to School Days in Design

The campaign's centerpiece is a hand-drawn cartoon character, embodying the warmth and familiarity of school-time sketches. This teacher mascot, donned in the cooperative's blue and yellow hues, reflects a professional yet approachable persona, striking a chord with the target audience of educators.

A Palette of Optimism

The chosen color palette radiates positivity, mirroring the cooperative's branding while infusing the promotional materials with a sense of trust and vibrancy. The 'win by saving' slogan encapsulates the campaign's dual incentive: save money and earn chances to win valuable prizes, including two cars.

A Spectrum of Engaging Materials

I created an array of advertising materials, from door stickers to flyers and floor decals, each piece echoing the campaign's hand-drawn charm. The round needle buttons and wallpaper stripes invite interaction, turning every touchpoint with the brand into a moment of engagement and potential conversion.