Blindenverband: An Insightful Impact of a Poster Campaign

Discover the award-winning poster that graced Vienna's subway stations, bringing awareness and color to the cause of the Austrian Association for the Blind and Partially Sighted.

Print Design, Advertising

A Visionary Design for a Noble Cause:

As a graphic designer, creating visuals that not only catch the eye but also touch the heart is my passion. For the Austrian Association for the Blind and Partially Sighted, I designed a poster that became the face of inclusivity and awareness across Vienna.

The Winning Poster: A Blend of Creativity and Purpose:

Selected among 40 submissions, my design was not merely a poster; it was a beacon of hope and a reminder of the vibrancy of life, even in the absence of sight. It adorned subway stations and the organization's facade, a testament to design that speaks volumes. The concept "make the life of blind persons colourful".

The Design Process – Symbolism Meets Purpose:

The essence of this project was encapsulated in the powerful phrase "Machen Sie das Leben blinder Menschen bunter!" which translates to "Make the lives of blind people more colorful!" This became the cornerstone of my design approach. I wanted to create a poster that not only informed but also moved its viewers. The contrast between the monochrome and the colorful halves of the coin placed into the piggybank, dressed as a visually impaired person, served as a potent metaphor for the transformation and impact the organization aims to achieve. This visual dichotomy aimed to capture the attention of passersby, compelling them to reflect on the organization's message and the inherent value in contributing to such a meaningful cause.