Kultur Kärnten: Illuminating Austria's Cultural Heritage

Discover Kultur Kärnten, a campaign that shines a light on Austria's Carinthia region with innovative "night light" posters, revealing the vibrant cultural scene.

Print Design, Advertising

Unveiling Kultur Kärnten's Dynamic Ad Campaign

In my project for Kultur Kärnten, I designed a series of 'night light' posters that illuminate Austria's Carinthia state's rich cultural landscape. The campaign's dual-message approach comes alive at night, casting a spotlight on local traditions and modern cultural expressions alike.

Dual-Message Design: A Day and Night Transformation

By day, the posters grab attention with bold colors and playful typography. As night falls, backlit elements reveal a second layer of content, inviting onlookers into the depth of Carinthian culture, from folk music ensembles to vibrant community choirs.

Colorful Narratives in Visuals

The design leverages striking color contrasts that symbolize the diversity and energy of Carinthian culture. The use of an orange backdrop represents the warmth and vitality of the local arts scene, while the overlay of vivid blues and greens at night reflects the region's natural beauty and tranquil ambiance.

Capturing the Essence of Carinthia

I took inspiration from the outline of Carinthia's map to anchor the campaign, ensuring each poster not only promotes cultural events but also fosters regional pride. This geographical silhouette becomes a canvas for statistics that speak to the heart of Carinthian life—its music, its people, its heritage.

A Campaign That Resonates Beyond Borders

With Kultur Kärnten, I aimed to create a campaign that transcends language barriers, utilizing the universal appeal of color and light. The result is a compelling invitation to explore Carinthia's cultural offerings, as dynamic and inviting as the region itself.