Ländle Calendar: A Day and Night Gastronomic Journey

In a creative twist for Ländle, I developed a unique calendar concept that transforms from a visual enigma by day to a luminescent artwork by night, engaging consumers in a subtle, yet profound experience of the brand.

Print Design, Hand Made Art, Merchandising, Advertising

Innovative Dual Design:

At the heart of this project was a vision to seamlessly integrate Ländle's brand into a daily-use product without the overt feel of advertising. Therefore I created a dual calendar thanks to the usage of glow in the dark color, creating a "day and night calendar".

Minimal Day-time beauty:

By day, the calendar featured abstract beautiful macro photography of fruits and vegetables, a visual puzzle inviting curiosity and engagement, aligning with Ländle's focus on natural, high-quality products.

Glowing Nocturnal Art:

As dusk settles, the calendar's true magic unfolds. I conceptualized and introduced a glow-in-the-dark feature that revealed hand-drawn illustrations of the same produce, now recognizable and artistically stylized. This nocturnal transformation not only served as a talking point but subtly reinforced brand recognition.

Aesthetic and Philosophy Alignment:

This design approach was carefully chosen to reflect Ländle's philosophy. By highlighting the natural beauty of produce through photography and illustrations, the calendar paid homage to the brand's commitment to quality, sustainability, and regional products.