Lichtanker: A Beacon for Conscious Expansion and Community Engagement

Discover Lichtanker's commitment to individual and communal transformation through innovative events and holistic practices.

Extensions, TYPO3 Package, Web Design

Crafting an Online Hub for Lichtanker

As an institute dedicated to fostering personal growth and community empowerment, Lichtanker required a web presence that reflected its core values. I was tasked with adapting my TYPO3 website package to align with the aesthetics of Lichtanker's pre-existing logo, crafting an intuitive user experience that highlights their diverse offerings from psychedelic integration workshops to traditional music therapy sessions.

Harmonizing Functionality with Philosophy

The TYPO3 package was custom-tailored to accommodate Lichtanker's event management needs, integrating functionalities that support their vision of creating transformative experiences. The website facilitates seamless registration for their varied workshops, allowing participants from all corners of the globe to connect and engage with Lichtanker's mission.

A Design that Mirrors Depth and Connectivity

The visual elements of the website resonate with Lichtanker's approach to holistic well-being. The interface bridges the gap between the digital platform and the human-centric services provided, ensuring that the essence of Lichtanker's work is palpable through every click and scroll.