My Character Art: A Journey Through Pencil and Imagination

Step into the world of Henry Avellaneda's character art, where pencil strokes breathe life into the paper.

Hand Made Art

The Start of a Life Path:

Embarking on a voyage that began in 1990, I have honed my craft with a pencil, a relentless companion through my creative odyssey. The "My Character Art" portfolio is an introspective collection, amalgamating both my original creations and tributes to the comic icons of my youth. Here, every line and shade is a testament to a lifelong dedication to the art of character design.

Characters Born from the Mind's Eye:

Delve into the essence of my original characters – entities conceived from the deepest corners of my imagination. Each character stands as a solitary narrative, inviting viewers into their uniquely crafted worlds. These sketches are not merely drawings; they are characters with souls, waiting to tell their stories.

Homage to the Heroes of Yesterday:

This portfolio also pays homage to the comic legends that colored my youth. Reimagined through my lens, these icons are presented with a personal touch that respects their original essence while infusing them with my stylistic signature. It is a respectful nod to the inspirations that sculpted my artistic journey.

A Tapestry of Lines:

What you'll witness in this collection is the intimate dance of shadows and light. The pencil work on display showcases a mastery over the medium, with textures that you can almost feel and depth that invites you to step into the frame. This is a display of not just talent, but of a profound understanding of the human form, emotions, and the silent stories that our still images can tell.

Crafting Character for the World:

My art is a bridge between thought and reality, a service I extend to clients seeking illustrative excellence. With experience spanning over three decades, I offer my pencil and my vision to bring your narrative to life, to mold characters that will leap off the page and into the hearts of your audience.