Naif: Woven Tradition Meets Artisanal Innovation

Unveiling the essence of Colombian heritage, Naif marries indigenous artistry with contemporary leatherwork to create unparalleled handcrafted accessories.

Brand Design, Print Design, Advertising

Naif's Brand Essence: Crafting Cultural Bridges

Naif emerged from a vision to support indigenous communities of Colombia by blending their traditional craftsmanship with modern design. My role was to forge a logo that would not only resonate on metal, wood and leather through laser engraving but would also serve as a symbol of the brand's commitment to cultural preservation and artisanal excellence.

The Logo: A Mark of Artisanal Identity

Designed for versatility, the Naif logo stands as a testament to the brand's artisanal core. Its application ranges from delicate price tags to bold roll-ups for fairs, ensuring that the brand's identity is showcased with elegance and consistency.

A Palette Rooted in Earth and Nature

Reflecting the brand's philosophy, the color scheme was intentionally set to earthy greens and browns, invoking the natural dyes and materials used by the indigenous artisans.

Supporting Communities Through Design

Each Naif product is a narrative of community support, where the purchase contributes directly to the sustenance of indigenous cultures. My design process was intricately tied to this narrative, ensuring that every visual element speaks to the brand's mission.

From Craft Fairs to National Recognition

The roll-up created for Naif's participation in a craft fair served as a visual anchor, drawing visitors into a world where each stitch tells a story of cultural legacy and artisanal pride.