Neumeister: A Century of Tradition in Household Wares

Experience the legacy of Neumeister, the Viennese purveyor of fine household wares, reimagined through a design that honors a rich history since 1922.

Brand Design, Print Design, Advertising

Neumeister: Revitalizing a Historical Shop

In the heart of Vienna, Neumeister stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of quality and tradition in household wares. Tasked with renewing this storied brand, I delved into its illustrious past, drawing inspiration from Vienna's iconic Jugendstil era. My vision was to weave the threads of Neumeister's rich heritage into a tapestry that would speak to both its storied past and its continued relevance.

The Alchemy of Design: Brown and Gold

To encapsulate the essence of antiquity and elegance, I distilled the brand's color palette to brown and gold. These colors, emblematic of the Jugendstil period's opulence, now serve as the foundation for Neumeister's visual identity, exuding a sense of timeless luxury.

Crafting the Logo: A Homage to History

The challenge was to create a logo that was not merely a symbol but a landmark—a beacon that invites passersby into a world where quality has been curated since 1922. The resulting design, reminiscent of Vienna's historic storefront signs, now adorns the entrance, doubling as a logo and a statement of Neumeister's commitment to tradition.

Transcending Time: Business Cards to Bus Ads

From the elegance of the business cards to the distinctive stamp, each element of Neumeister's branding carries the Jugendstil's artistic signature. The flyer design, with its intricate patterns and golden hues, tells a story of heritage and craftsmanship. Even the bus advertisement, a moving canvas through the streets of Vienna, reflects the brand's stature and legacy.