Research Institute: Digitizing Human Rights in the Information Era

Pioneering the integration of technology, law, and society to uphold digital human rights.

Brand Design, Print Design, Advertising

Introducing Research Institute's Brand Identity

Crafting the Research Institute's visual identity was a project close to my ethos - merging modern simplicity with the profound mission of protecting digital human rights. My objective was to create a logo and a suite of design assets that reflected the institute's dedication to research, education, and consulting at the intersection of technology, law, and society.

The Design Philosophy

The logo, a minimalist cubic design with letters 'r' and 'i', represents the structured, multifaceted approach the institute takes in addressing complex issues. The color scheme, a calming green paired with clean white, signifies growth and clarity - essential for an organization that navigates the intricate web of digital human rights.

Expanding the Visual Identity

The project later expanded to include two subdivisions, requiring additional logos and promotional materials. My approach remained consistent - logos that are distinctive yet clearly part of the Research Institute family, and roll-ups and flyers that are not only informative but visually engaging. The icons for the main brand and subdivisions were designed to be intuitive and easily recognizable.

Collateral Designs

Every piece, from business cards to letterheads and stamps, was conceived with the user in mind, ensuring ease of reading and a professional appearance. The materials were designed to be versatile, equally at home in digital formats and in print, reflecting the institute's focus on the digital age's opportunities and challenges.