RITZBERGER: Brand and Digital Presence Design

An encompassing brand design for RITZBERGER, complete with logo, business materials, and a trilingual TYPO3 website with a news extension.

Brand Design, Extensions, TYPO3 Package, Print Design, Web Design

Brand Identity Creation

The journey began with the conception of RITZBERGER's new logo. My vision was to design a symbol that reflects their core expertise and dynamism in the consulting and advertising sectors, "creativity". The resulting emblem, crafted with precision, show a lightbulb as representation for the concept of "ideas" and two mountains as a play to the word "Berg" of the name RITZBERGER.

Print types Design

Building upon the new brand identity, I developed a suite of business materials. The business cards and letterheads echo the elegance and simplicity of the logo, maintaining brand consistency. A sophisticated black and gold color scheme ensures high-impact first impressions, while the inclusion of a QR code signifies a blend of tradition with modern technology and usability, allowing a fast addition of the contact to the smartphone.

TYPO3 Website Adaptation

The essence of RITZBERGER's brand was extended to the digital realm through my TYPO3 website package. Tailored to support trilingual content and enriched with a news extension, the website serves as a comprehensive portal for RITZBERGER's clients. It not only underscores the brand's market presence but also its commitment to client engagement and communication.

Visual Narrative and Consistency

In every aspect of this project, from the logo to online presence, a narrative of growth and innovation was woven. The imagery and design elements used across platforms narrate RITZBERGER's story, demonstrating their path of continuous development and success.