Saloniko: Vienna's Contemporary Cultural Rendezvous

Merging the free-spirited vivacity of the Wild West salons with the elegance of Vienna's art-nouveau, Saloniko emerges as a weekly cultural hub for the modern intellect and art connoisseur.

Brand Design, Print Design, Hand Made Art, Merchandising, Advertising

Artistic Conception of Saloniko:

Crafting a visual identity for Saloniko, I drew inspiration from the fusion of Vienna's artistic legacy and the uninhibited spirit of the Wild West. The result is a name and image that evoke freedom and cultural richness.

Logo Design with a Narrative:

The logo for Saloniko subtly honors its founder, Nikoletta, interweaving her essence with the concept of a salon. It's a contemporary nod to the Jugendstil's artistic roots, encapsulating femininity and growth.

Jugendstil Meets Vector Art:

The postcard design transcends time, marrying the intricate details of Jugendstil and the clarity of modern vector art. It's not just an invitation; it's a keepsake that celebrates the artistic past and present.

Marketing Materials with a Message:

Each piece of promotional material, from postcards to stickers, is a testament to the cultural renaissance that Saloniko represents - a weekly event that is as much about community as it is about culture.