salsAvella Artisanal Sauces: A Feast for the Senses

Dive into the delectable world of salsAvella, where traditional Italian sauces are handcrafted to perfection, celebrating the art of artisanal culinary delights.

Brand Design, Print Design, Hand Made Art, Web Design, Packaging Design, Advertising

Artisanal Branding From Ground Up:

At salsAvella, each sauce is a masterpiece, and my design journey started with creating a logo that reflects this artisanal spirit and salsAvella being a family business. The logo merges traditional craftsmanship with modern elegance, setting the tone for the entire brand.

Packaging That Tells a Story:

The packaging design for salsAvella sauces showcases hand-drawn vegetable illustrations, evoking the handcrafted nature of the products. The labels are designed with a string that extends to the top lid, which, when broken, signifies the jar has been opened.

Functional and Aesthetic:

The unique box packaging not only ensures safe home delivery but also resonates with the brand's artisanal essence. The design incorporates the natural texture of the materials and the rich colors of the sauces.

Digital Cohesion:

  • My role extended to crafting social media templates for Instagram, ensuring each post is visually harmonious and aligns with the brand's color scheme and thematic focus.
  • The TYPO3 web package with Shopify integration handles the digital storefront seamlessly, keeping the brand’s digital presence as rich and organic as its flavors.

Palette of Pastel Tones:

The color palette was carefully selected to feature vivid yet pastel tones, avoiding black and instead using a dark pastel brown as the primary text color, complementing the natural shades of the sauces and ingredients.