SkyFox: The AEROFLOT Mascot Design

An engaging and child-friendly mascot that personifies AEROFLOT's commitment to joyful and imaginative air travel.

Hand Made Art, Merchandising

Introducing SkyFox, AEROFLOT's Friendly Skies Ambassador

Discover "SkyFox", the delightful fox mascot I designed exclusively for AEROFLOT, capturing the hearts of children and embodying the spirit of aviation adventure. "SkyFox" is not just a character; it's an experience, crafted to foster a lasting bond between the youngest flyers and the world of air travel.

Key Project Highlights:

  • Child Appeal: "SkyFox" is created with a whimsical charm to captivate children's imagination, making every AEROFLOT journey an unforgettable tale of adventure.
  • Air Travel Connection: The design elements of "SkyFox" incorporate aviation themes, with attire and accessories that echo AEROFLOT's identity and air travel.
  • Colour Palette: Reflecting AEROFLOT's brand colors complemented by a vibrant orange, "SkyFox" stands out as a beacon of fun and excitement.

Merchandising Magic:

  • Plush Toys: Soft, cuddly "SkyFox" teddies ready to be children's travel companions on every flight.
  • Collectibles: An array of "SkyFox" buttons, badges, and stickers to collect and cherish as mementos.
  • Coloring Books: Interactive "SkyFox" coloring books filled with sky-high adventures, keeping young flyers engaged and entertained.

Design Philosophy:

My approach to creating "SkyFox" was to synthesize AEROFLOT's values with a playful character design that resonates with families. The mascot's friendly demeanor, pilot outfit, and travel-ready stance promise to elevate AEROFLOT's brand as a family-friendly airline.

Why SkyFox?

"SkyFox" represents the joyous spirit of AEROFLOT, serving as a brand ambassador that appeals to the younger demographic while reinforcing the airline's image as a carrier that cares for its passengers' experiences, big and small. A character can transcend being a mere mascot to become a cherished part of the travel experience for kids and parents alike.