x-trust: Secure Sign-In and Encryption Systems Branding

Unveiling x-trust's full branding suite - a trusted emblem for secure digital communications in the modern era.

Brand Design, UI/UX Design, Print Design, Web Design

Secure Digital Transformation with x-trust

In a world where digital security is paramount, x-trust stands as a beacon of trust and innovation. Tasked with encapsulating the essence of security and legal digital correspondence, I crafted a comprehensive branding suite for x-trust, a company specializing in secure sign-in and encryption systems.

The Seal of Security

Central to x-trust's branding was the development of a distinctive logo that conveyed security and trustworthiness. The emblem I designed – a wax seal with a bold ‘X’ mark – symbolizes the company's commitment to secure digital transactions, reminiscent of the traditional seal used to authenticate documents.

A Cohesive Visual Language

The branding extends to business cards, letterheads, and stamps, each element harmonizing with the logo's design language. The green color palette was chosen for its association with security and safety, reassuring users of their data's protection.

Expanding the Brand Narrative, Legal Correspondence Reimagined

Beyond visual identity, I addressed the additional task of creating a user interface for x-trust's secure mail system. The goal was to replace traditional mail with a digital solution that retained the legalities of physical mail. By incorporating citizen ID for log-in, the system ensures legal acknowledgment of receipt and sent mail, revolutionizing the way we perceive digital communications' security. Recognizing the importance of legal validity in digital communications, I designed x-trust's secure mail system interface with real-world envelopes and paper textures. This creative decision bridges the tangible and the digital, offering users a familiar and legally sound environment for online communications.