AK Vorrat: A Rallying Cry for Privacy through Design

A compelling visual campaign designed to defend data privacy rights in Austria.

Print Design, Hand Made Art, Advertising

Unveiling the AK Vorrat Privacy Campaign

In a world where privacy is under siege, AK Vorrat's flyer and postcard campaign stand as a beacon of resistance. Created 15 years ago in Austria, this campaign was a clarion call against invasive Privacy Policy laws. It was my task to bring this vital message to life through powerful imagery and design that would resonate with the Austrian populace.

Symbolism in Design: The Austrian Hawk Reimagined

The design's centerpiece is the Austrian crest, reinterpreted to reflect the pressing issues of data privacy. The hawk, traditionally clutching a scepter, now holds an RFID chip, representing the data tracking and storage of citizens' information. The once-broken chain is depicted unbroken, symbolizing the encroaching control and potential loss of freedom.

A Dichotomy of Perception: The Hawk's Dual Nature

I crafted the hawk to serve a dual narrative - the left retains its original form, symbolizing the state's integrity, while the right is stripped down to a skeletal x-ray. This imagery serves as a dual metaphor for the state's penetrating gaze into its citizens' lives and the citizens' plea for transparency. It also evokes the chilling reminder of a republic's mortality under oppressive laws, mirroring the ominous beginnings of historical tyrannies.

Goethe's Warning Echoes Through Time

Anchoring the design is a poignant quote from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, which translates to "Those who fall asleep in a democracy will wake up in a dictatorship." This timeless warning from the 18th-century German literary giant encapsulates the campaign's essence, urging vigilance and action.

Branding for a Cause: Logo and Business Card Design

Complementing the campaign, I designed a logo that encapsulates vigilance – an eye with an RFID chip as its pupil, symbolizing the watchful gaze over privacy rights. This logo adorns the business cards of AK Vorrat members, serving as a constant reminder of their commitment to safeguarding personal freedoms.