Franziska: Korea's First "First Lady" Brought to Life in Print

A biographical journey through the pages of history, reviving the story of Franziska Donner-Rhee, Korea's first First Lady, with a touch of Austrian charm.

Brand Design, Print Design

Designing a Historical Tapestry

The creation of "Franziska" required a delicate balance of historical accuracy and contemporary design. I designed a book layout that would serve as a respectful vessel for Franziska's story, ensuring each page reflected the dignity of her life.

Logo Creation for Ritzberger Verlag

The logo for Ritzberger Verlag was conceived as a symbol of storytelling and mountainous ambition - an open book cradled by two peaks. It reflects the journey of narratives from the heart of the Alps and an allusion to the word "Berg" within the Ritzberger name.

Photographic Restoration

The book's visual narrative was as important as its written word. I meticulously restored worn and damaged photographs, infusing new life into these historical images, ensuring that they would stand the test of time and technology.

A Collaborative Chronicle

Working with Verlag Ritzberger and author Soonae Lee-Fink, this project was a collaboration of historical research and creative design, culminating in a book that offers readers a window into the past through a modern lens.