Ökodatenbank: Das Buch der 7 Siegel, The Comprehensive Guide to Environmental Seals in Austria

Navigate the world of eco-certifications with "Das Buch der 7 Siegel," Austria's first extensive guide to environmental and sustainability seals for the conscientious shopper.

Print Design

Unveiling the Guide to Austria's Environmental Seals

"Das Buch der 7 Siegel" represents a resource in my design portfolio, aimed at demystifying the plethora of eco-friendly badges for Austrian consumers. This compendium is the first of its kind, offering an in-depth look at the various environmental and sustainability seals found on products, and clarifying what they signify.

The Design Philosophy

The book's design is deliberate in its approach to educate and inform. Utilizing a vivid green color scheme, it is reminiscent of nature and sustainability. Icons and infographics are strategically placed to guide readers through the complexities of eco-labels, making the book not only a source of knowledge but also a convenient reference with its detachable table of essential seals.

A Tool for Conscious Decisions

As the designer, I took to heart the task of creating a book that empowers consumers to make informed choices. The layout is carefully crafted to facilitate easy navigation, with color-coded sections for quick reference, ensuring that the essence of each seal is effectively communicated.