The Tests: A Sonic Exploration in Print

"The Tests" magazine intertwines the tactile feel of print with the immersive experience of sound, offering musicians a unique platform to review and hear instruments tested by industry icons.

Print Design, Hand Made Art, Merchandising

Editorial Note:

As an imaginative venture, "The Tests" materialized from a passion to create a magazine that extends beyond visuals into the auditory realm. My creation was a magazine that tests the very essence of music-making – drums and guitars – allowing readers not just to see, but to audibly experience each instrument.

Design Philosophy:

The cover design subtly incorporates the magazine's title, derived from a poetic cut of text that captures the essence of its content.

"The magazine that tests all drums & guitars you allways get to see but never hear or try"

This subtlety extends to the inner pages, where each instrument review and artist feature resonates with the intimacy of a personal jam session.

Inclusion of Sound:

Breaking new ground, each volume of "The Tests" includes a CD, encapsulating the auditory tests conducted by a guest artist, turning the pages of critique into a live performance.

For Musicians, By Musicians:

This magazine was envisioned as a tribute to the artists and craftsmen behind the instruments. It's a testament to the shared journey of creation and the endless pursuit of sonic perfection.

Visual Symphony of Creation:

In "The Tests," the visual narrative is as crucial as the auditory. The chosen visual style harmonizes the raw realism of photography with the conceptual essence of sketches, symbolizing the intricate work that occurs behind the scenes. This duality reflects the technical craftsmanship and the soulful artistry embedded in each instrument.

Photographs capture the finished grace of guitars and drums, while sketches reveal the engineering and creativity that breathe life into them. It's a pictorial ode to the unseen labor and the love that musicians pour into their craft, resonating with the magazine's philosophy of profound respect for the music and its makers.