Lohberger: Retro Revival Ad Campaign

Driving Nostalgia Home - Lohberger's reimagined vintage campaign announces a new location with a classic touch and a sparkling offer.

Print Design, Advertising

Designing Nostalgia

With the Lohberger project, my canvas was the rich history of vintage 40s-50s poster art. The existing Lohberger logo was a beacon, guiding me as I melded past elegance with contemporary purpose. This wasn't merely about relocating a gas station—it was about rekindling the warmth of a bygone era and infusing it with the present.

A Journey Back in Time

My task was to craft an advertisement for a magazine that would not just inform but also charm. I decided to transport the audience back to the days when fuel was more than a commodity—it was the lifeblood of exploration. The design captures the essence of the period with its vibrant colors and joyful illustrations, reflecting the optimism of the age.

The Offer That Cleans Up

Central to this campaign was the alluring offer of a free car wash, a token of appreciation for customers partaking in Lohberger's new chapter. The depiction of the car wash in the ad is both a nod to tradition and a pledge of modern service, inviting patrons to witness the transformation with the evidence on their gleaming vehicles.

Signaling Change with Vintage Flair

The shift in address, a significant milestone for Lohberger, was broadcast through this retro lens, ensuring it was noticed and remembered. The vintage style of the ad serves as a symbol of reliability and tradition, promising that although the location has changed, the quality and care remain timeless.